Accommodation info


[email protected]


Check in: 15:00 / Check out: 11:00

( At 10:00, our housekeeper and I will be at the villa in order to prepare cleaning
the house- starting from the first level bedroom, upstairs!)



  • WIFI password: abc4567890

  • There are two keys for you. At the remote control, “button 1” opens and closes the gate by the sea.

  • In order for the air condition to work, keep the key card inside the σλοτ next to the entrance.

  • Tap water is double filtered so it is safe to drink.

  • PLEASE try to remember: DON’T THROW PAPER etc INTO THE TOILET because the drainage system in Greece is different and serious damage might be caused.

  • First aid kit is in the storage room, on the washing machine.

  • Recycling bin for aluminum & paper is outside the kitchen. Please, separate glass, at storage room in the kitchen. Garbage bin is under the sink.

  • You will find instructions for the washing machine and the dishwasher inside a basket in the storage room, next to the kitchen.

  • There is hot water from the solar panel. On cloudy days, please use the electric boiler. You will find the switch marked on the electrical board that is placed on the upper floor, across the bathroom. Turn it on for 20-30 minutes and please remember to turn it off again!

  • Please keep the parasol (sun umbrella) closed during windy days because the strong wind might break it.

  • Most of the exterior lights (and pool lights) turn on automatically at around 20:30.

  • Keep in mind that the grass is automatically watered every night at 3.00, so please keep the sun loungers, chairs and your personal belongings off the grass during that time.


Useful numbers:

  • Antonis Protopapadakis (owner): 0030-6974045596, Please send me msg at:

  • Police: 100

  • General Hospital of Chania ( emergency medical care): 166

  • Local medical center at Vamos village (7Km): 0030 28253 40401

  • Fire department: 199

  • Chania airport: & 0030 28210 83800 / 0030 28210 83841

  • Heraklion airport: 0030 2810397129

  • West crete bus service: 0030 2821093052

  • Taxi drivers: 694 446 3470 (Giorgos) or 6944735370 (Manolis)


Hope you have a beautiful time in Crete.!

Enjoy the sea , the sun , our house and the surroundings .

Anything you might need, please don’t hesitate to call .